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Four Movie Goers

     We started out as four friends in Los Angeles who loved movies. Every Thursday night we'd catch a new one on the big screen. After the flick we'd dart across the street to a dodgy wing joint and talk about what we just experienced. Rain or shine, week by week, good or bad, nothing could stop the four of us from our weekly tradition. That is until four became three when one of us moved 300 miles away to be with family. A little while after that three became two when one of us moved 3000 miles away to work on movies in Boston.


Things were dark for our little tradition. That is until we realized we didn't need a dodgy wing joint, we just needed a dodgy internet connection. That's when Adam, Cory, Dennis, & Tommy became the Movie Toasters. Every Monday we get together and talk about movie news. A few days later on Thursday we check in with each other to talk about the movies we watched over the week. So why not give us a listen and consider yourself a toasty new Movie Toaster as we give you something groovy to listen to?

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